An excerpt from My E-book: Sample DIET Meal PLAN for Meatlovers

If you love porkchops, beef steak, rice and potatoes. This is a great diet plan for you. In my practice, I have tried different types of dieting, and eventually came up with best solutions that help me lose and maintain the best weight for me. Just like you, I love meat most and it is my preferred meal at all times. Indeed it is very unhealthy and not the best that I would recommend to anyone,however here is a plan on how not to omit the food we love like meat.

Protein from meat and carbohydrates from potatoes are a  great way  to curb your hunger and with a little planning, they can help control your waistline in the long run.  Try to learn to plan your menu base in the following example:



1 cup bran flakes or natural oats

1/2 cup milk

1/2 cup fruit

Dieter’s Prayer:

A high fiber breakfast will help move some of the fat and calories from last night’s dinner out of your system.


Ham Sandwich  – 2 slices of  of whole wheat bread

2 tablespoons reduced swiss cheese

2-4 pieces of turkey ham (from your Deli of choice)

1 roasted bell pepper

Romaine lettuce

1/2 cup macaroni salad

1 medium banana

Dieter’s Prayer:

Opt for fewer calories, ask your deli if they prepare fat-free side dishes.


1 cup of tomato soup  made with 1% milk            

1 serving sauteed steak and mushrooms

1 serving scalloped potatoes

1 cup steamed brocolli

Dieter’s Prayer:

  • 1% milk means 1% milk fat content
  • You can eat most days of the week, if you stick to the 3 ounce serving size (3 ounces= a size of a deck of cards)


1 apple

12 potato chips

Dieter’s prayer:

A piece of fruit along with chips can help you to stop from eating the whole packet.


When losing weight always remember it is crucial to follow a plan and one of them is this sample diet plan along with the right portion control. All of us, who tries to achieve that ideal weight must always remember that a diet plan is only effective when we follow it whole heartedly.

I pray for your radiance and great health,